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"A Supernatural Spectacle: film style within the prologue of Black Swan." Supernatural Studies 4.1 (2017): 11-23.
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the ideal candidate: solaris as philosophical riddle box (senses of cinema)
fatal femme: bruno antony and hitchcock's film noir (presented at analyzing the 1950s: media, politics, culture conference - texas christian university - November 15, 2014)
silent subversions: exploring the enigma of female spectatorship in silent cinema (rhode island college)

binge-watching is bad for your health
twerkin' 9-to-5
finding love within light and shadow
horror movies (occasionally) rock
tom hardy in refn's bronson: brief notes on objectification
an analysis of wes anderson's hotel chevalier
an analysis of the coen brothers' no country for old men
fatal femme - bruno antony as hitchcock's homosexual femme fatale
beautifully flawed: the dark knight rises - first thoughts
cinematography - lights in the eyes
2010 - a look back at 24 frames per second
2009 - a look back at 24 frames per second
newtown shooting: on the media
semiotics and the confederate flag controversy
hot flush: sexual trysting and public restrooms
warhol, beuys, and radiohead: a sampling of art for the proletariat

Short Stories (links temporarily disabled)
other women
the bones of the dead
bathwater fever dream
a conversation with an old man
to bring you my love

Short Screenplays (links temporarily disabled)

the kiss
curiosity delay
praying mantis