Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sinners on Saturday Night Shorts

The fabulous podcast, Saturday Night Shorts, focuses on Sinners as its most recent film of the week. SNS is a podcast devoted to the craft of short filmmaking; led by two very engaged commentators who spend significant time carefully reviewing and dissecting short films.

Their comments on Sinners are appropriate and inspiring.  Both hosts lauded the film's sound-design and compositional choices.  They also highlight key areas of opportunity in relation to unnecessary insert shots and some disagreements with character motivation.  All in all, the conversation is stimulating and insightful.

In fact, the podcast led Derek to revisit the film for the first time in two years.  Looking at what had been the final edit with fresh eyes, a new director's cut has emerged which shaves a full minute off of running time!

See the updated Sinners below.  Check out the Podcast HERE.