Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ghost Volta interview with Derek Dubois

Ghost Volta has a new interview with Derek Dubois posted on their site by Joseph Nicoletti.

Here is an excerpt:

I love Rhode Island. It’s small, quaint, and a state that you can easily take for granted. Growing up as someone who loved video games and movies I always saw the source of entertainment as a far away land. Everything cool happened in Florida, California, Washington, or Texas. I love where I’m from but I always assumed significant things happened elsewhere.

I went to high school in Cumberland, Rhode Island and a year behind my class was a man named Derek Dubois. Now for the sake of this article, I’d love to say we were friends, that we knew each other, and that I was his muse and he was mine. However, saying any of that would make me a filthy liar! I had no idea who he was, and going to the large high school that we did, we might have never spoke to one another.

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