Friday, November 29, 2013

Fallout - Film Threat Review


The review site Film Threat has recently published a write-up of Fallout. The critic specifically calls out the role of sound design and cinematography and notes:

Fallout never seeks to explain away its mystery, only to find the emotions in the scenario and run them through their paces. The result is an overall uneasiness and confusion, but one that is acceptable and fitting concerning the stressful experience.

Read the full review HERE

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Derek Dubois featured in Woonsocket Call

Recently, Derek Dubois was profiled on the front page of the Woonsocket Call by journalist Russ Olivo.

"There’s a lingering question on the mind of award-winning filmmaker and city native Derek Dubois.  Does anybody outside this struggling ex-mill town care about its plight and how the people who live here cope?

The adjunct film professor at Rhode Island College and the director of seven film shorts is well on his way to finding out. He just finished the trailer for his first feature-length film, a documentary that will explore the tough times through the lens of the city’s annual Autumnfest celebration.

“It’s not just about Autumnfest,” says Dubois. “It’s about getting Autumnfest off the ground. Doing that in a city that’s in the condition Woonsocket is right now makes for a very interesting story.”........

Read the full story HERE

City on the Move - trailer

City on the Move is a documentary and the first feature-length film from award-winning writer/director Derek Dubois. The film tells the story of a few key individuals working to right a city on the brink of collapse.

It is slotted to be released in late summer 2014.