Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Miss Diagnosis

Derek Dubois' debut novel, Miss Diagnosis, has been published and is available for purchase now through major retailers. 

As a young medical student in Boston, Kate White is barely hanging on. The stress of interning at a top-tier teaching hospital, compounded by her father's recent death and her upcoming wedding to a superstar surgeon, are proving to be too much to handle. Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the depths of the hospital's research laboratory, secretive experiments have led to a horrific breakthrough. As Kate finds each new test increasingly overwhelming, she becomes obsessed with seeking a way out, crossing all professional boundaries, and putting herself and her colleagues in harm's way. In Miss Diagnosis, Dubois imbues his characters with nuance and realism which heightens the suspense when "the story takes a wild swerve in the final third that changes the straightforward crime drama into a horror story" (Kirkus Reviews).

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Boy Wizard on Studio 10

 Derek Dubois sat down for an interview with NBC10's Rosie Woods on Studio10 a few weeks ago. They discussed his latest project, Boy Wizard, and his approach to filmmaking in Rhode Island.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Boy Wizard

Boy Wizard Poster

Derek's latest film is a documentary short that was produced at home during quarantine. 

BOY WIZARD: A family bonds during the COVID pandemic lockdown by recreating scenes from the Harry Potter film series. 

 Boy Wizard has been named an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the: 
  • Port Blair International Film Festival - 2021 
  • The Fatherhood Image Film Festival - 2021 
  • Indie Online Film Awards (S4, 2021) 
  • Paris International Film Awards - Finalist - November 2021 

It was just announced that BOY WIZARD was named an award winner of the Port Blair International Film Festival

Sunday, October 6, 2019

2019 Best American Essays

Derek Dubois's essay, Little Swimmers, has been named a notable essay of 2019 by the Best American Essays series. The work was originally published in The Evansville Review.